Give your staff an encrypted lifeline.

Balboa is the best way to protect your team. It's fast, easy to install, dependable, and uses strong client-side encryption so only you and your recipients can ever read what you send.

BALBOA is the cybersecurity your field staff deserve.

Encrypt sensitive files and chats

Send confidential documents without emailing versions back and forth where breaches can leak information. Chat in real-time along searchable and organized versions of your files, saving you from digging through mountains of emails and attachments.

Encrypted voice and video calls

Balboa is your one-stop-shop for all your secure communications. Stop using insecure, backdoored video chat apps, and start conducting secure video or voice calls with your staff directly from the Balboa app.

Never lose your data

Your files and chats are backed up across multiple computers, all protected with a password only you control. With faster uploads than Dropbox and over 10x the space of a Google Apps account, Balboa can store documents, photos, presentations, PDFs quickly and without throwing out a file you might need. One click later, and all the files arrive without the headache of sending 5 emails, only to have 4 arrive.

Access your data with or without apps

Files and chats can be searched, uploaded, and downloaded from anywhere in the world, all without having to download a single app. Balboa can run entirely in your browser. If you're on the go, you can use our upcoming iOS app. Mac or PC, Boston or Beirut, it doesn't matter: Balboa plays nicely with them all, everywhere. If you can sign up for Facebook, you can start using Balboa.

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